26th July 2024 – Centrala, Birmingham. With: The Scutches, Shackleford, Sick Pins. TICKETS HERE.

10th August 2024 – Easy Fest, Bank Top Tavern, Oldham. With: Wrong Life, Snatchgame, Shackleford, The Crash Mats, 77 Spears, The Atoms, plus more.

22nd – 25th August 2024 – Beermageddon Fest, Stoke Prior, Bromsgrove. TICKETS HERE.


29th June 2024 – The Castle & Falcon, Birmingham. With: GBH, Midwich Cuckoos, Grail Guard.

4th May 2024 – Victoria Inn, Derby. With: Burning Flag, This is Not a Drill, Shreds, Lef Debris.

3rd May 2024 – The Old Bus Depot, Nottingham. With: Imploders, Grail Guard, Lindow Moss, Scene Killers.

1st March 2024 – The Dark Horse, Moseley, B-Ham. With: Shackleford and Batwolf.

9th Feb 2024 – Railway Inn, Redditch. With: King’s Alias and Guineapigs.

21st Jan 2024 – In De Gloria, Hulshout, Belgium

20th Jan 2024 – Pleuropsonic Fest, Groningen, Netherlands

19th Jan 2024 – Rattenloch, Schwerte, Germany

18th Jan 2024 – AJZ Bahndamm, Wermelskirchen, Germany

10th Nov 2023 – Sheffield, S3 7AW. With: Shreds and Class Tourists.

30th Sept 2023 – The Blossoms, Stockport (benefit for LGBTQI charities). With: Witcheater, Without Love, Auraboras, Feign, TCCL.

22nd Sept 2023 – The Crew, Nuneaton. With: Shackleford, Be Fair.

29th July 2023 – The Station, Ashton Under Lyne. With: Thirtinas.

30th June 2023 – Swinefast VI, The Fulford Arms, York. With: Geväl, TCCL, Splitbox.

29th June 2023 – Subside, Birmingham. With: Daef Devils, Suckerpunch.

27th May 2023 – Muthers, Birmingham. With: Shackleford, Pat Butcher, Knife Crime.

18th Nov 2022 – The Flapper & Firkin, Birmingham. With: Angry Itch, The Liarbilitys, Knock off.

13th May 2022 – Scruffy Murphy’s, Birmingham. With: Rash Decision, Pizzatramp, Dead Mob.

1st October 2021 – The Maypole Inn, Derby. With: Thee Acid Tongue, Healer of Bastards, Blank Headspace, Kittie Shitter.

14th March 2020 – The Blossoms, Stockport. With: Ron Jizley & the Spoons, Eye Licker, Yersin.

8th Feb 2020 – Punk 4 the Homeless, the Bay Horse Inn, Sheffiled. With: Cri De Coeur, Sods Law, Those Fucking Snowflakes, Chris Butler, Steam Kittens.

1st Feb 2020 – The Maypole Inn, Derby. With: Pizzatramp, Luddite Bastard, Kick the Clown.

19th Jan 2020 – In De Gloria, Holshout, Belgium.

18th Jan 2020 – Pleuropsonic Fest, Orkz Bar, Groningen, Netherlands. With: Knars, Tonic All Stars, Ramrod, Batwolf.

17th Jan 2020 – Rattenloch. Schwerte, Germany. With: Batwolf.

16th Jan 2020 – Cafe Lazaru’s, Leiden, Netherlands. with: Batwolf, Left Alive.

7th Dec 2019 – Centrala, Birmingham. With: Social Experiment, The SLM, Rotting Monarchs.

29th Sept 2019 – Het Landhuis, Ghent, Belgium.

28th Sept 2019 – Club Witzenhausen, Witzenhausen, Germany.

27th Sept 2019 – Sonic Ballroom, Cologne, Germany.

26th Sept 2019 – HSA Groningen, Groningen, Netherlands. With: Dubai Coke.

17th August 2019 – The Doll’s House, Abertillery. With: Dead Objectives, Social Experiment and the Woodsman.

19th July 2019 – Brighton Punx Picnic, Cowley Club.

15th June 2019 – Wagon & Horses, Birmingham With: Suckerpunch, The SLM, Social Fix.

6th April 2019 – The Station, Ashton Under Lyne. With: SLAB, Hummer, Thirtinas

30th March 2019 – The Mitre, Stourbridge. With: Mixtape Saints (acoustic), Rotting Monarchs, The Parasitc Twins, Sick of the Riot

22nd March 2019 – Wagon & Horses, Birmingham. With: Varukers, Face Up, Unholy Alliance

20th Jan 2019 – Den Bristol, Gent, Belgium. With: Batwolf and Gert Kleinpunk

19th Jan 2019 – Pleuropsonic, Groningen, Netherlands. With: Browsing Collection, Evil Mr Sod, Bottlecap

18th Jan 2019 – Cafe Lazarus, Leiden, Netherlands. With: Batwolf

24th Nov 2018 – Dead Fest, Wagon & Horses, Birmingham.

11th Nov 2018 – Pie Race Festival, Wharf Chambers, Leeds.

21st Sept 2018 – Dolls House, Abertillery. Social Experiment, Pizzatramp, 100,000BB

8th Sept 2018 – The Railway Pub, Greenfield. With: SLAB, Bite Back, Thirtinas.

1st Aug 2018 – The Wagon & Horses, Birmingham. With: Left for Dead, Healer of Bastards, Slab

12th July 2018 – The Wagon & Horses, Birmingham. With: Columna and Social Fix.

26th May 2018 – The Wagon & Horses, Birmingham. With: Rats from a sinking ship, Hummer, Social Experiment

25th May 2018 – The Old Town House, Warrington. With: Hummer, Tio Rico and Millie Manders and the Shut Up

14th Apr 2018 – Den Bristol, Gent, Belgium. With: Relschippers

13th Apr 2018 – AJZ Bahndamm, Wermelskirchen, Germany. With: Killbite

12th Apr 2018 – Crow Bar, Groningen, Netherlands. With: Antares

11th Apr 2018 – Backstage, Hoorn, Netherlands.

10th Apr 2018 – Internationaler Studentenclub, Witzenhausen, Germany.. With: Teppichbodendisco, plus others

9th Apr 2018 – Squat Party, Dittersbach, Germany.

8th Apr 2018 – Club HängeMathe, Dresden, Germany. With: Teppichbodendisco

7th Apr 2018 – Abstand, Berlin, Germany. With: Killbte

6th Apr 2018 – Lobusch, Hamburg, Germany. With: Killbte

24th March 2018 – The Angel, Nottingham. With: Coilguns, Truth Equals Treason, Eastfield

24th Feb 2018 – Wagon & Horses, Birmingham. With: Pizzatramp, Thirtinas, Dead Mob

Fri 10th Nov – Wagon & Horses, Birmingham: Batwölf, Healer of Bastards, Suckerpunch

4th November 2017 – Claptrap, Stourbridge. With: The Kimberley Steaks, The Atoms,Sweet Diego plus others

21st October 2017 – The Festing, Southsea. With Bambix, The SLM, Nosebleed and Mecurius Rising

20th October 2017 – Wagon and Horses, Birmingham. With Bambix and Leech Bleeders

30th Sept 2017 – Punk 4 The Homeless, Sumac Centre, Nottingham – With: Keith Hudson, Huffy, Radioactive Rats and Cre de Coeur

3rd Sept 2017 – Brum Punx Picnic, Wagon and Horses, Birmingham. With Wonk Uni, Police Bastard, China Shop Bull, In Evil Hour and many more.

9th June, 2017 – Wagon & Horses, Birmingham. With: Eastfield and Black Volo

15th April 2017 – Den Bristol, Gent, BEL

14th April 2017 – Internationaler Studentclub, Witzenhausen, DE. With Teppich Boden Disco

13th April 2017 – Punk Rock Party Keller, Hof, DE. With Teppich Boden Disco

12th April 2017 – Eternia, Prague, CZ. With Teppich Boden Disco

11th April 2017 – Pi Haus, Freiberg, DE

10th April 2017 – Hafenklang, Hamburg, DE

9th April 2017 – Backstage, Hoorn, NL

8th April 2017 – Groningen, NL. With Lucky Malice.

7th April 2017 – G18, Bremen, DE. With: Killbite and Neurotic Existence

18th March 2017 – The Station, Ashton-Under-Lyne. With: War Bastard + Headsticks + Hospital Food + Killbite + Born To Destruct + Mammoth Tank + The Johnnie Squizzercrow Experiment + Seep Away + Sanction This

17th March 2017 – Wagon & Horses, Birmingham. With: Killbite and Brassick

13th January 2017 – Pleuropsonic Festival, The Crow Bar, Groningen, Netherlands

12th January 2017 – Backstage, Hoorn, Netherlands

6th November 2016 – The Horseshoe Inn, Wellingborough. With: Subhumans and WreakAge

29th October 2016 – PUNK 4 THE HOMELESS – Sumac Centre, Nottingham.

9th October 2016 – Blotto’s, Birmingham. With Prisoner 639, Noll IQ, and Hooked on Christ

20th July 2016 – Wagon & Horses, Birmingham. With: The SLM and Indecent Assault

21st May 2016 – Wagon & Horses, Birmingham. With: SLAB, Minor Discomfort Band, No More Numbers

30th April 2016 – Boar’s Head, Kidderminster. With Drongos for Europe, Billyclub, Leech Bleeders, Erection Police, Dubtones, Vincent & the Onepotts

9th April 2016 – Den Bristol, Ghent – Belgium. With: Reproach, Toxic Shock, Dirty Protest, Sore, Rauw, Full Contact

8th April 2016 – Crowbar, Groningen – Netherlands. With: Cellophane Suckers

7th April 2016 – AJZ Bahndamm, Wermelskirchen – Germany. With: Graben

6th April 2016 – Internationaler Studentenclub, Witzenhausen – Germany. With: les Punks

5th April 2016 – The Köpi, Berlin – Germany

3rd April 2016 – Chemo, Dresden – Germany. With: Sam Alone

2nd April 2016 – Menschenzoo, Hamburg – Germany. With: Morbus Down

1st April 2016 – Scum, Katwijk – Netherlands. With: Black Volvo, The Peterlees, Coral Springs

5th March 2016 – The Station, Ashton Under Lyne.

29th Nov 2015 – Scruffy Murphy’s, Birmingham – With Raw In Sect + SheBrew

6th Sept 2015 – Birmingham Punx Picnic. With Drongos for Europe, Eastfield, Intention, Rotunda and more

25th June 2015 – Scruffy Murphy’s – SLAB, THE SLM

17th May 2015 – Den Bristol, Ghent, Belgium

16th May 2015 – AZ Bazillus, Verden, Germany

15th May 2015 – Lobusch, Hamburg, Germany

14th May 2015 – Bambara, Groningen, Netherlands

13th May 2015 – SUB071, Leiden, Netherlands

4th April 2015 – A Punky Spring Party, Southsea (Portsmouth). With The SLM, Demon Smiles, Radioactive Bones, plus many others.

19th March 2015 – Scruffy Murphy’s, Birmingham. With: No More Numbers + others.